About Lagoon @ TechLagoon


Hi, my name is Lagoon, website owner of TechLagoon.

I live in Japan and I’m a Japanese programmer.
I speak Japanese and English.

I like music, reading, cooking, going to amusement park, cycling and taking a walk down the beach.

I love programming and I personally make this site.

In this site, I provide 2 web applications. One is a multilingual metasearch service named “Global Search”, and the other is named “DataChef“, a collection of simple online tools to convert images or movies.

For now my website provides only Japanese page, but I’m trying to localize now. Please wait for a while to use English version.

By the way, I recently read “The Singularity Is Near“, written by Ray Kurzweil. After reading the book I changed my mind that the singularity is really near. I’m so excited about thinking how AI can be smarter than humans, and how the world will change once singularity is realized.
I just started to learn AI programming and I want to make AI software before the singularity really comes.

I love foreign countries and I want to make friends with people living overseas, not only English speaking people but also non-English speaking ones.
(But sorry I will use google translate page if you write non-English text to me.)

Please feel free to contact me via my twitter acount, my blog or contact page

Thank you.